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Services We Provide

First Infant Visit

-- “First visit by the first birthday”


dental development, brushing/flossing, proper diet, parent involvement, fluorides, oral habits, sealants, early orthodontics, sports safety

Digital X-Rays

provide needed information for the prevention and treatment of dental problems that may not be visible with clinical examination alone


– a “painted-on” thin plastic coating to help protect the eating surfaces of the teeth

Restorative Treatment

– composite “white” fillings, amalgam fillings, stainless steel crowns, esthetic composite crowns, composite-faced stainless crowns, pulpotomies/pulpectomies (baby root canals), extractions with space maintainers

Sedation Dentistry

– a treatment technique that uses medications to assist either the anxious or young child through needed dental treatment, allowing cooperation and a positive outcome

Hospital Dentistry/General Anesthesia

a treatment technique reserved for children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to cooperate for dental treatment where conscious sedation techniques cannot be used alone; extensive dental treatment is usually necessary and/or the child may have special healthcare needs

Interceptive Orthodontics

– space maintainers, simple cross-bite corrections, oral habit counseling/appliances used to guide teeth as they grow into the mouth

Dentistry for Children with Special Needs

– we are specially trained to work with a wide variety of children with special healthcare needs; our office is designed to be physically accessible for all of our patients

Emergency Care

– on-call service always available for advice and/or treatment if necessary